“Simply beautiful” – Pferdefestival Redefin begins

“Simply beautiful” – Pferdefestival Redefin begins

(Redefin) A Dane was the first winner on the course, the dressage rider with the longest journey is impressed by the State Stud Redefin and dog agility has recaptured the Festival – in short: Redefin’s international show seamlessly continues its familiar quality and attraction. The delight of the first spectators to enjoy the sport and the meeting with like-minded people is unmistakable.

The Danish Nations Cup rider Lars Bak Andersen was the first winner of the day with the Hanoverian mare Nola in the advanced (S) level jumping competition. In second place was already the best Mecklenburg starter – Philipp Makowei with the Mecklenburg gelding Quester. Always in the focus of spectators and fellow riders is European Champion Andé Thieme from Plau am See, who has brought his young horse Paule S, as well as the gelding Conacco for the big competitions and the Derby horse Contadur. For Contadur, Redefin is the “dress rehearsal” before the German Jumping Derby in Hamburg.

International Dressage makes an impression

And while international jumping is taking place in front of the portal of the riding house in Redefin in familiar form and format, dressage is definitely experiencing a premiere with the internationalisation and the “move” to the Paradestadion.

Among the 55 participants from 14 nations at the CDI is also Mary Hanna, the competitor with the longest journey, who has competed six times for Australia at the Olympic Games. For the dressage rider, who has already competed all over the world, the Pferdefestival Redefin has already proved to be a good decision: “Everything is easy for us here: the stables are close to the arenas, the competition area is good and the whole infrastructure is very very horse-friendly,” emphasised the Australian, who has been in Europe since the end of March and whose goal is the World Championships in Herning, Denmark, in August. Redefin’s Show Director Francois Kasselmann met Hanna in Australia in March and suggested that she compete in Redefin.

Juliane Brunkhorst (Ganderkesee) is very familiar with the Pferdefestival Redefin. The trainer has known the show for many years and won the international Grand Prix de Dressage with the Holstein gelding Aperol in the Prize of the Aachen Dressur Verein e.V. ahead of Nicole Wego-Engelmeyer (Hagen a.T.W.) with the Oldenburg stallion Budhi. This means that Brunkhorst is also one of the favourites for the Grand Prix Freestyle, presented by FUNDIS Reitsport on Sunday at the Redefin Horse Festival. By the way: Admission is free on the entire grounds – both for the jumping and dressage stadium.

Results Pferdefestival Redefin

1 CSI3* – Int. Springprüfung Fehler/Zeit (1,25m), Preis von Madeleine Winter-Schulze

1. Lars Bak Andersen (DEN) auf Nola 9 0.00 / 54.75

2. Philipp Makowei (Gadebusch ) auf Quester 2 0.00 / 57.38

3. Michael Kölz (Leisnig ) auf Lexie Grey 0.00 / 58.91

4. Sven Gero Hünicke (Fehmarn ) auf Chanio 0.00 / 59.31

5. Max-Hilmar Borchert (Stechlin ) auf Dustie MHB 0.00 / 59.32

6. Stella Egger (AUT) auf Cometo 0.00 / 60.16


4 CSI3* – Int. Springprüfung Fehler/Zeit (1,35m), Preis der Reitsportmarke Covalliero

1. Tim Rieskamp-Goedeking (Steinhagen) auf Coldplay 33 0.00 / 60.97

2. Piet Raijmakers Jr (NED) auf Van Schijndel’s Olaya Z 0.00 / 61.72

3. Jesse Luther (Wittmoldt) auf GK Famous Girl 0.00 / 62.13

4. Felix Haßmann (Lienen ) auf Quiwitino WZ 0.00 / 62.33

5. Max-Hilmar Borchert (Stechlin ) auf Catherina H 0.00 / 62.60

6. Clarissa Haßmann Crotta (SUI) auf Badaedos JK 0.00 / 63.10


10 CSIYH1* – Int. Springprüfung Fehler/Zeit (1,35m/1,40m), Vilofoss-Preis

1. Philip Rüping (Steinfeld (Oldenburg) ) auf Medarco PS 0.00 / 62.86

2. Alexa Stais (CYP) auf Seniora 8 0.00 / 64.01

3. Nicolas Pedersen (Winkelsett) auf Tailormade Chalou Sem 0.00 / 64.26

4. Jesse Luther (Wittmoldt ) auf Cadent 0.00 / 65.64

5. Thomas Kleis (Veelböken) auf La Contessa 12 0.00 / 67.90

6. Emma Emanuelsson (SWE) auf Canbella Blue PS 0.00 / 67.93


15 CDI3* – FEI Grand Prix, Aachener Dressur Verein e.V. präsentiert

1. Juliane Brunkhorst (Harsefeld ) auf Aperol 10 1637.50

2. Nicole Wego-Engelmeyer (Hagen ) auf Budhi 1594.50

3. Mathis Goerens (Sandbostel/LUX) auf Riptide NRW 1592.50

4. Michael Klimke (Münste ) auf Harmony’s Sanrino RHP 1590.50

5. Mary Hanna (AUS) auf Calanta 1589.00

6. Shingo Hayashi (JPN) auf Scolari 4 1585.50


17 CDI1* – FEI Prix St.Georges, Preis der Hof Kasselmann GmbH & Co. KG

1. Hendrik Lochthowe (Butzbach) auf Sharom 1203.00

2. Evelyn Eger (Hagen) auf Darjeeling 14 1201.00

3. Nina zur Lage (Bersenbrück) auf Love Parade 16 1191.50

4. Nicole Wego-Engelmeyer (Hagen ) auf Badoit 2 1181.00

5. Vicky Wulschner (Dahlen ) auf Annenhof’s Quandador B 1163.50

6. Dries van Dyck (Hagen/BEL) auf For Romance II 1154.50


20 Dressurpferdeprüfung Kl. L, BeFood-Preis

1. Lena Waldmann (Lienen ) auf Chere Celine 8.60

2. Ana Teresa Pires (Ostbevern/ POR) auf Fogel vom Lauf 8.50

3. Kira Goerens-Ripphoff (Sandbostel) auf Final Dream 5 8.00

4. Mathis Goerens (Sandbostel/LUX) auf Feuerfunke 8 7.90

4. Ana Teresa Pires (Ostbevern/POR) auf Freenet 7.90

6. Evelyn Eger (Hagen ) auf Forzamento 7.70


Photo: Juliane Brunkhorst © Stefan Lafrentz